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Vital Energy

I once saw a just-captured, rather fearsome leopard pacing its cage in a Mexican jungle. Exuding strength and vitality, this dignified predator was no zoo animal. Stunningly beautiful and powerful, the leopard radiated a palpable, rippling energy. Some people, such as athletes in top condition, also exhibit an abundance of vital energy, the energy of physical life. When the glow of vital energy abounds, our bodies wax vigorous and ready for action. When the level of vital energy drops, our bodies grow tired or ill. Proper rest, food, exercise, and energy breathing feed our vitality and contribute to good health. Emotional stress, unnecessary muscular tensions, fidgeting, overconsumption of alcohol or food, and other wasteful activities sap our vitality.

In our spiritual life, vitality matters because a depleted or distressed vitality may limit the quality of our contact with the higher energies. Conversely, contact with the higher energies often produces a remarkable cascade of vitality. Proper care of our body creates the vitality that supports our very life and sets the stage for our spiritual work. But the diminished vitality of aging and illness may inhibit our inner work. So while we have the vital strength, we work.

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