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Fourth Way Spiritual Practice


An Introductory Program of Practice

The extensive array of spiritual practices presented on this site form a comprehensive spiritual path. The question can and does arise: “Where do I begin?” One answer, if you already have extensive experience, is to follow your current interests and needs in selecting articles and practices from the full range offered on InnerFrontier. This will gradually and naturally lead you deeper.

For those who prefer a more structured approach, we offer the following suggestions, which have the great advantage of developing the fundamentals first. Without that basic grounding in body awareness, we tend to flounder and the deeper realms of the spirit elude us. So...

Begin with reading the two articles: Sensitive Energy and Energy Body.

Then practice the 9 week-long practices in the series: Stages of Body Presence.

Then read the article on Presence and go on to work at the 12 week-long practices in the series The Path to Presence.

If you have an interest in prayer, you could then proceed to read the article on Prayer and engage in the series Stages of Prayer. Or if you have an interest in Buddhism, you could follow the series on the Eightfold Path.

After working at these months of practices, you could select any of the other Weekly Inner Work Series listed on the InnerFrontier home page or simply engage in the current weekly inner work each week.

Throughout, you will notice that most InnerFrontier pages contain links to supporting material that you may find helpful.

In pursuing spiritual practice, we join our voice to the great stream of people throughout the ages who have and still do seek — and find — the Sacred.


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