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The Ecology of the Sacred 

Imagine for a moment that each of us is entrusted at birth with a hope diamond in the rough, a precious and sacred particle of the Divine Will. Through us, the Will of the Creator can enter the material world. We bear the seed, we are the seed, the growing tip of the Universal Will. In a vast and incomprehensible process, the Unconditioned Will gradually spiritualizes the material universe, drawing it more directly into Its service. We may recognize this difficult and uncertain process in ourselves, if we endeavor to cooperate with this Great Work of the spirit. We cut and polish our diamond will, returning it to the service of the Divine Will from which it originates. As with any diamond, our initial roughness is not inherent, but results from our growth within the material world.

Probing this picture we ask a rather complex question: What does service to the Divine Will consist of? In partial response we envision an immense ecology of energies. Within the Earth’s living ecosystem we witness the exchange, transformation, and recycling of the energies of heat, light, and molecular bonds in the food chain. Similarly, the sacred, universal ecosystem harmonizes the exchange and transformation of the energies of sensation, consciousness, and the rest, within the great chain of being. Human beings naturally use, convert, and store energies. The capacity for this can vary tremendously from one person to the next, depending on the state of their soul. Through spiritual practices we directly and powerfully transform energies, raising the quality and quantity of energies at work in us. Serving the Universal Will means, in part, not only conducting our lives creatively in accordance with conscience and kindness, but also transforming energies well.

This Earth depends on us for the higher energies. Through spiritual practice we reach up to transmit those energies, serving our planet, serving life, serving our own soul. People called to this sacred duty in the midst of ordinary life find unsurpassed meaning and purpose.


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