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Creative Energy

Beyond and veiled by consciousness, behind the spacious stillness within, lies the realm of the creative energy, an ocean of bliss and light, the Primordial Sacred Sun, the hem of the garment that God wears. To become directly aware of the creative energy we must steer our perception outside consciousness itself. Although we might enter the creative world through an act of grace, our reach typically falls far short of that world. Nevertheless, the creative reaches us. So instead of attempting to describe the world of the creative itself, we will look at how it manifests in our life.

The creative makes new connections and opens doors of opportunity. This energy can bring order out of the chaos of the higher energies. The creative domain encompasses synchronicity and karma, sowing and reaping the results of our actions, creating and selecting possibilities. It ushers events into our lives, events meant for us. The power of sex and the perception of beauty derive from this energy.

Only in emptiness can something new be created: the white canvas, the blank sheet of paper, the formless lump of clay. The creative energy introduces us to our essential emptiness, a prerequisite for entering the true depths of the sacred. The reverse also holds: to contact the creative energy we must empty ourselves, through an inner act of surrender. This act of emptying oneself of oneself opens a channel to the creative realm of the spirit, opening our heart to joy, generosity, and peace. The event releases an influx of energies that we experience directly and unambiguously.

By its name, we would expect the creative energy to be intimately associated with the arts and sciences, and indeed it is. In any of the arts, the artist knows the crucial role of surrender, surrendering to the work, to its needs, to its possibilities. Discipline and training in the methods of the art prepare the artist to be a vehicle of art. Cultivating spontaneity helps open the channel to the creative. The artist empties herself, allowing her acts to be guided by the creative power, often accompanied by ecstasy. This is perhaps most obvious in music. The great musician gives himself over to the music in an ecstatic embrace, becoming an instrument of the music.

Similarly, in the spiritual path, we must empty ourselves to become instruments of the Divine Will. In this emptying, in our malleable nothingness, the creative energy creates our being. It is said that the perfected human, the great saint, the bodhisattva, achieves the station of being centered in the creative energy, able to transmit the higher energy of universal love. Thus, the creative energy serves as the abode of the heavenly host, the devas, the creative wisdom, responding directly to the Divine Will. This is the place of the demiurge, the elohim, agents of the intelligent force that continuously creates and sustains this great universe.

The world of the creative energy corresponds to the worlds known as Beriyah (Creation) in Kabbalah and Imkyan (The Possible) in the Sufi cosmology.

We also call this the energy of the Sacred Light. See Also:

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