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Cultivating Spiritual Presence


Cultivating Spiritual Presence

Monthly Workshop

For Experienced Meditators

Meditation Practices             Presence in Daily Life

Body, Thought, and Emotional Awareness

Spiritual Energies             Contemplative Prayer

Sacred Dance

Monthly Wednesdays     Ongoing    7:00 PM to 9:15

Our practices draw from the major spiritual traditions, forming an integrated, balanced, and effective spiritual path, adaptable to individual needs and potentials.

The workshop leader is Joseph Naft. For more than 40 years Mr. Naft has studied Gurdjieff, Buddhist, Sufi, Christian, and Jewish spiritual practices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is the author of The Radiant Mountain: Presence to Go, Becoming You: Cultivating Spiritual Presence, The Sacred Art of Soul Making: Balance and Depth in Spiritual Practice, as well as two novels, Restoring Our Soul and Agents of Peace, and the Inner Frontier web site. He has led spiritual practice groups since 1976.

Meets at a church in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Requires a minimum of five years experience with meditation or related practices.

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$5 per evening


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