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A Meditation: Earth and Sun

The Earth and Sun serve as both repositories and generators of spiritual energies. In this meditation, we seek to open a channel to those energies, so they will feed our being and enable us to pursue our spiritual work more deeply.

While this meditation involves contact with the Earth and the Sun, it is typically practiced indoors. The contact called for is an inner contact and does not depend on physically touching the ground or having the Sun’s light shining on your body. In fact, it can be practiced when the Sun is not visible, on a cloudy day or at even at night. You only need to have a rough idea of where the Sun is. For example, if you were to practice this at midnight, then you would know that the Sun is below you, beyond the opposite side of the Earth. If in the morning, then you know the Sun lies above you and toward the east.

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. By way of preparation, spend some time (say 20 minutes or so) relaxing deeply, letting go all the tensions, and then awakening your contact with sensation throughout the body.

Recall in your mind and heart that the Earth is your mother, caring for you, nurturing you and providing for all your needs. Like every living creature on this planet, you are a child of the Earth, you are a part of the Earth, partaking in its bountiful kindness.

Now send your attention directly below you, deep down into the Earth. Let your attention form a channel to the depths of the Earth. Open that channel to allow the Earth’s energy to flow directly into you. Do this repeatedly, sending your attention down, down, down into the Earth, and opening to the flow of energy welling up from that great reservoir. Let the energy merge with the sensation already present in your body.

When your body is saturated, stop. Evoke a feeling of gratitude toward the Earth. Rest in awareness.

Recall in your mind and heart that all lives on the Earth, including your own, depend on the continued beneficence of the Sun. While the Sun is not the Divine, it serves as a model or reminder of the Divine outpouring that creates and sustains this universe.

Now turn your attention toward the Sun. (Note: eyes are still closed. You’re not looking toward the Sun.) Send your attention out toward and into the Sun, to form a channel to the Sun’s immense reservoir of a very potent energy. Allow this energy to flow into you, letting it merge with the sensation in your body. Do this repeatedly.

When your body is saturated, stop. Evoke a feeling of gratitude toward the Sun. Rest in awareness.


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