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For week of July 20, 2015

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Arms and Legs

(Presence Tools: 3)

Presence Tool 1 addressed the importance of being in contact with our body to anchor our presence in the now. We began with Having Feet. The broader that body contact is, the more effective it can be. So we now move into practicing contact with our arms and legs.

We start with our right arm, from shoulder to fingertips. By bringing our attention into our right arm and holding it there, we become aware of the arm from inside it. We come into organic, visceral, direct contact with the life in our arm. As the contact deepens, the arm comes alive in our perception, growing vivid, filled with a vibrating energy that we call sensation. We say we are sensing our right arm.

Next we leave the right arm and focus on our right leg, from hip to toes. We sense our entire right leg for a time. Then we move to our left leg, then our left arm. Next we sense both arms at the same time. Then both legs. Then all four.

The foregoing can be profitably practiced in sitting meditation, to get a strong taste of it. We can also practice sensing our arms and legs as we go about our day, whenever we have some spare attention. Say we start with our right arm. Inevitably our attention will lapse and move to something else. The next time we remember this Presence Tool, we sense our right leg. The time after that, our left leg. And next, our left arm and so on. If we forget which limb we are on. We choose one at random and start from there.

Sensing anchors us in the here and now, and tunes us into life. It is a simple but remarkably powerful approach to presence. For this week, please practice sensing your limbs.


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