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For week of July 13, 2015

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Living Like You Mean It

(Presence Tools: 2)

Living in presence means living like you mean it. It means having your intention in whatever you do. It means having yourself in whatever you do. It means doing whatever you do.

In presence, we do not passively let life happen to us, or let the now slip unnoticed into the past, lost forever. We jump in with both feet. We are here. We are attention and intention, alive in this moment. We live our life, rather than letting life live us.

The difference may seem subtle at first. But with practice it comes clear. The ancient spiritual question "Who am I" is subtle. But the related question "Am I here?" is easier to get hold of. Though awareness matters, this is not essentially a matter of awareness. It is a matter of who is aware or whether anyone is aware. Is there just an awareness with no one watching, no one home? Is the watcher so diffusely spread into the awareness that effectively no one is watching? Or "Am I here?" Am I seeing what I'm seeing? Am I doing what I am doing?

Or is my life happening without my participation? And when I am not here, participating in my life, am I truly living? To live a full life, means first to be here, living our life, to be our attention and intention, in every moment.

Am I here? For this week, please live like you mean it.


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